Having Viewing Problems?

Welcome to Jungle's new site! Here, you'll be able to learn all about the programs we offer, read about our driving trainers, and even sign up online in a faster, more secure way.

Jungle has switched to the latest technology in web design - HTML5 - and because of this upgrade, some web browsers - such as Internet Explorer 8 - do not suport this latest technology. As a result, the user experience may not be as seamless.

      For example:

       -Home page may not initially load up

       -Maps on the Where page do not display our location

       -Buttons and pages sometimes overlay during loading

       -Sign Up Online page will not work and/or not direct you to the necessary page

To solve this problem, we suggest installing the latest web browsers on your computer, which includes Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

       -To download Safari, click the link here.

       -To download Google Chrome, click the link here.

      -To download Firefox, click the link here.

       -To download Internet Explorer 9 (for Windows 7 or Vista ONLY), click the link here.

To guarantee your registration with Jungle via our online site, we implore you to switch to a different browser other than Internet Explorer 8. We have tested our system on IE8, and found that, although it works, the form you send us may not contain all the information you provided.

If you continue to use Internet Explorer 8 or any other non-compatible web browser, be aware that all the information we provide to you on this site is still accessible; however, the user experience will not be as quick and enjoyable. Hitting refresh may also solve some loading problems as well.

Thanks for your understanding!

Stay safe,

The Jungle Team