Jungle Cars

Take a look at the cars students drive on the range and on the road at Jungle - from the Bengal to the Beast!

After mastering the Range in Segment 1, an instructor, a few observers, and maybe even a parent will join the Jungle student in the car to learn on the Michigan roads.

The New Lion:

-Hyundai Sonata

-The new Lion, like all other Jungle cars, can help along the most anxious students and turn them into confident cats on the road.

The Bengal:

-Ford Taurus

-The Bengal remains one of our favorite cars, with its own character and personality; kids are quick to love the Bengal!

The Beast:

-The leader of the jungle, The Beast is perfect for those planning to drive larger cars or even tractors in the future. But many students just love taking it for a spin! (With an instructor, of course!)

The New Panther:

-Hyundai Sonata

-One of the newest editions of the Jungle cars, the New Panther is ready for any and all students!

The White Tiger:

-Ford Taurus

-Ready for all of the new Jungle students.


The Panther:

-Ford Taurus

-A reliant choice, the Panther can calm the nerves of a nervous student and turn them into a focused driver - with, of course, the help of an instructor!

The New Leopard:

-Ford Fusion

-Available to drive at the Wyoming location, the New Panther is great to drive for those who think their first car may be a Fusion just like this!

The Lion:

-Ford Taurus

-A reliable choice, the Lion can perfect any student's driving skills and make sure they are proactive and aware of any situation on the road.


The Leopard:

-Ford Taurus

-The Leopard's known to take the wildest of early drivers and calm them down to cool, collective, and concentrated drivers.



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