Jungle Trainers

Want to learn about our instructors? Take a look at our extensive biographies and see who you will be driving with at Jungle.
All of our instructors are certified by both the State of Michigan and the Jungle to teach each student the Jungle curriculum.
Randy "Ra Ra" Rand

Randy is the founder of Jungle Survival Drivers Training and a graduate of Michigan State University. He is a published author and his newest book, The Jungle Way-Keeping Your Teens Safe Driving In The Asphalt Jungle, is having a very positive effect on the attitudes of his young drivers and their parents During his 24-year career at UPS, which he possesses an extensive level of safety training expertise as the Safety Manager at UPS. Randy developed the necessary skills to become an expert at defensive driver training, emergency reaction and off road recovery training. Randy was also responsible for accident investigation and reconstruction. Over time, Randy realized he truly could make a difference and help save young lives. His vision was to create Jungle Survival Driver's Training, where new drivers would learn a higher level of defensive driving skills called Situational Driving Methods. Situational Driving, also known as the Jungle Way, has been proven to greatly reduce the number of accidents incurred by teenage and adult drivers.

In Randy's words: "I consider it a true honor when a parent makes the decision to enroll one of their teens in JSDT. It is never an easy decision to allow your teen to begin the process of driving a car. When the decision is made (with a little pressure from your teen). You want to make sure that they receive the best training possible. The training needs to be of such outstanding quality that when you finally hand the keys to the car to them, you are confident in their ability to drive safely, defensively, and to arrive home alive."

Fred Westdale

Fred has been certified by the State and the Jungle for over 10 years. Fred is also the co-founder for Jungle. A graduate of Western Michigan University,  and the Business Manager for Jungle. Fred is our Jungle Trainer for Segment 2. Fred's determination to effectively teach the Jungle Way of driving to students and parents alike. "I've always enjoyed working with teens," Fred has said, "and being a Jungle Trainer is the most effective way I can think of to make a major impact in their life. Life is precious, and teens deserve to live a long and happy life that is not cut short by a car accident."

Matt Rand


Matt has been certified by both the State and the Jungle for 10 years. He teaches classes and drives with students and parents at the Wyoming Jungle. Matt is second to none in his ability to teach and motivate his students and parents to drive the Jungle Way. His youthful exuberance is vital in instructing students how to use Jungle techniques in real-world situations. Matt has a philosophy with everything he does "If you don't get better, you get worse." He applies this philosophy with every student to insure they realize the tremendous responsibility they have in keeping everyone in their car and on the road safe.

Dave Meyers is an Instructor in our Ada Location!
Bob Graham


Bob has been certified by both the State of Michigan and the Jungle for over 4 years. He also works as a farmer and bus driver for Lowell Public Schools. He has a sincere passion for teaching his Jungle students and parents the Jungle Survival techniques that have made Jungle one of the most effective driving schools in the country.

Tyrus "TyWoo" Woods
Was on the funeral industry for 28 years. Ty served on the board of directors in Arizona with RED Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance after a tragic accident that injured his grandson. Ty believes that if one of his students never Texts and Drives then he has served his purpose by becoming a driving instructor. Ty served his country with the United States Marines and he knows what commitment means, so he is committed to making the Roads a Safer Place

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Leslie Walden~

Ada Instructor

Robert Fix

Ada Instructor