The Jungle Way: Keeping Your Teenager Safe Driving in the Asphalt Jungle

The Jungle Way Book is for your reading pleasure it is not for students for class time.


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Many parents of Jungle students would often ask Randy, "When will you come out with a book?" and that question has just been answered. The Jungle Way - Keeping your Teen Safe Driving In The Asphalt Jungle is here and available for purchase at either of our locations - or online! Just click either of the buttons below and fill out all the necessary information.

The Jungle Way book is unlike any other book you may have read!

Some names of chapters include the following:

   "I Don't Throw Up Anymore When I Drive With My Teenager"

   "Oh My God We're Going to Die!"

   "Taming the Wild Dog"

Watch the pages come alive with beautiful and creative art. Read the hilarious and heartwarming stories that have become legend in Jungle. Learn new and innovative ways to make driving a more rewarding, effective and fun experience for parents and teens alike! The Jungle Way book is a great gift to give anyone who cares about saving young lives. 

"After three years of intense heartfelt writing, The Jungle Way Book is finally available for your reading pleasure. I sincerely believe that by reading this book, fewer lives will be lost in senseless auto accidents. There is a time-proven, safer, more effective way to drive - and it's the Jungle Way. By parents and teens reading The Jungle Way, they will have a greater understanding of Jungle's driving principles and a greater chance of survival driving in the asphalt jungle."

    -Randy "Ra Ra" Rand, author of The Jungle Way and founder of JSDT

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