Jungle Survival Drivers Training is a unique drivers training program with several distinct aspects that separate it from other drivers training programs.

What is the Jungle? 

Proactive Situational driving focus - Situational driving is vital to surviving in the jungle. Using the Jungle Survival Checklist, students learn to be proactive drivers by learning how to identify developing situations which may develop into problems. We don't want our young drivers to react to a problem - we want them to learn how to anticipate what could happen in a given situation and make the necessary adjustments to avoid a possible close call.

Unique approach - With our unique state-approved curriculum, students learn the keys to Situational Driving in the jungle environment. Our year-round classes are motivational, fun and highly interactive.

Community - When a student enrolls in the Jungle, both the parents and the student become part of the Jungle community. If either the parent or the student feels the student needs more instruction behind the wheel, they can come back and drive with an instructor at any time for free.

Parental involvement - Sometimes, Jungle parents are wild animals themselves. They sign up their teens, where the student is tamed and trained to apply the Jungle Way of driving. Problems arise when students leave Jungle, and parents interfere with the Jungle method. Such a detrimental action can be made permanent when the student leaves Jungle's watchful eye after Segment 1.

In an effort to have a greater level of effectiveness in producing proactive Jungle drivers, Jungle has created the Jungle Way Parent Training. Parents are taught the same material as their students plus instructional skills designed to make home-based driving practice safe, fun and rewarding. This minimizes any possible contradictions parents could make on the road and enables continuous reinforcements of the Jungle training.

Want to learn more about the parental involvement at Jungle? Go to Parent Involvement under Why and read on.

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Jungle Survival Drivers Training offers two classes: Segment 1 & Segment 2. Take a look at what we will do during the two segments under What!

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