When are Classes?


Click a segment/location to see what times and options might work for you. Please make sure the class you are looking at is for the location you want as Ada, Wyoming and Dorr often meet at different times.

If you're confused about which segment your child needs, click here for the Segments 1 & 2 page.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

  • Click the class you'd like to view to double-check the days of class.

  • Segment 1 classes are typically Mon-Thu for three weeks. This is subject to change if there is a holiday.

  • Ada's Segment 2 is typically Mon/Wed/Fri every week of the year. This is subject to change if there is a holiday.

  • Wyoming and Dorr's Segment 2 is typically Mon/Tue/Wed and is held the weeks that Segment 1 begins. This is subject to change if there is a holiday.

  • Jungle Way Parent Training - Completion of this training is one of the 6 parent goals we have developed in order to achieve ZERO CRASHES. We ask parents to participate in 2 hours of classroom training. The time of the 2 hour Parent Training is 9-11am at both Ada & Dorr (Wyoming parents please attend at Ada). Generally Parent Training will be on the Saturday before the start of the class session. Your confirmation email will have the date on it.

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Click here for directions​ to our 2 locations or click here if you have questions about the schedule.