Driving Log

Jungle's Student Driving Log

You can download Jungle's two driving logs for students and parents here. It makes it easy to log the required 50 hours of behind-the-wheel drive time.

The first log is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that manually totals the total time a student drives.

Download the Jungle Driving Log and open it in Microsoft Excel.
Print a blank copy to keep in the car for easy pen or pencil recording.
After each drive with the student, transfer the date, the day minutes driven and/or the night minutes driven, and the activity or driving conditions onto the spreadsheet on the computer.

Jungle Driving Log: This spreadsheet will automatically keep track of the hours driven and the hours remaining at the top for both day and night hours. It's also formatted for easy printing to bring back to Segment 2 enrollment (and in the car!).

Jungle Driving PDF: This log is a PDF file for those who do not have Microsoft Excel.

Print pages 1 and 2 to take in the car.
After each drive with the student, enter the date, the day hours driven and/or the night hours driven, and the activity or driving conditions.​

Instructions for computing the total number of hours (day and night) are in the shaded area at the top of page 1.

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