Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Jungle makes sure that both students and parents are active in the Jungle Way of teaching.

Parents are vital to the Jungle Driving Way. When traffic accidents are still the leading cause of death for teens, parents are still content to leave the entirety of their child's driver's training to others. Research studies have shown a 75% decrease in accidents, injuries and deaths when parents work in partnership with professional driving instructors. With this in mind, Jungle has created the Jungle Parent Training.

Segment one

The Jungle Parent Training teaches parents the Jungle methods they will use when driving with their teenager; these time-proven techniques can save a young driver's life during their lifetime of driving.

During Segment 1, Parents attend ONE 2 hour training session (Parent meeting), and a ride along with their student and a Jungle Instructor.

In the process, they learn techniques to continue their child's Jungle Training through the months of supervised practice prior to Segment 2 and their eventual licensure. There is no additional charge for the Jungle Parent Training.

Segment one

Here's what the Jungle Parent Training includes:
-The Jungle Parent Training introduction class is held prior to the start of class, they are 9:00 am-11:00 am.
P.T meetings are on Saturday before the session.
- Schedule could change once in awhile.
-confused? see our class schedule in When. You'll be able to see when exactly P.T. is offered for each session.
-An observation ride with your student and a Jungle Trainer during Segment 1, you do not need to sign up for this. You just show up to the 5th or 6th drive. There is no need to schedule your observation.

Jungle also expects the following from Jungle Parents:

-Reinforcing Jungle driving goals for 30 rides after student graduates from Segment 1
-Returning for Segment 2 about three months after receiving their Level 1 permit.
-Not allowing your student to drive with friends during the first 6 months of driving alone
-Never allowing your student to use a cell phone while driving

Signing up is easy: just give us a call at 616.676.4600 or sign up online.

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