Segment 2

Segment Two

-Segment 2 is a one week follow up class to Segment 1 after the students finish these requirements before signing up:

-Minimum of 30 hours of driving. (2 Night hours)

-Must have Level permit for 3 months. (From the SOS office)

-NOTE: A student is not required to be 16

years of age to take Segment 2.

-This is held in Ada on Mon, Wed, Fri

-Instruction at our locations includes parallel parking, backing into spaces and in-class tips for the upcoming driving test.

-Ada Class during the Summer is offered:

2:00pm - 4:00pm (Mon Wed Fri).

-Ada Class during the School year is offered:

6:00pm - 8:00pm (Mon Wed Fri)

NOTE: Times and days of class are open to changes. Double-check the calendar in When​ to make sure the time and days we offer fit your schedule.

- The fee for Segment 2 is $100 and must be paid prior to the start of class.
- Skills must be scheduled during the week of class, or the student/parent will be responsible for scheduling an appointment at the instructor's convenience for a fee of $50.

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