Why Jungle

Why Choose Jungle?

At Jungle, we're often asked why we charge a few dollars more and what makes us different from other driving schools. To put it simply, there is not another driving school like Jungle.

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death among teenagers today: 9 are killed each day, and 150 are admitted to Emergency Rooms every hour. These statistics are tragic proof that the traditional "Drivers Ed" is a broken system. There have been various attempts to impact these tragic statistics- one of the more successful approaches has been Graduated Drivers Licensing instituted by the State of Michigan. But at Jungle, we have a simple philosophy: if you don't get better, you get worse. As a result, Jungle has raised teen driver safety to a new, more effective level.


Thus, this is what you get for your investment in Jungle: 1. Advanced "Situational Driving " approach for accident prevention
2. Proven industry leading training methods
3. Jungle parents report 70% fewer accidents than state average
4. Lifetime commitment to "Drive for Life for Free" when students struggle after permit is obtained.
5. One-of-a-kind Jungle Way Parent Training

6. Only winner of GR Press "Best Driver Education School" reader surveys
7. Road Test preparation during Segment 2 training
8. Instruction lead by recognized area expert appearing on local NBC, ABC and Fox TV stations
9. Unique & meaningful Jungle classroom and vehicle designs
10. Passionate and caring Jungle trainers
11. Free access to Jungle's electronic driving log for tracking teen driver hours


A University of Michigan study reports that 4 out of 5 (80%) of teens will have at least one accident in the first three years of driving. In surveys with over 1,000 parents of Jungle graduates, report that less that 1 out of 5 (20%) Jungle students have had an accident in the same time frame. With more than 10,000 parents trusting Jungle to keep their teens alive behind the wheel, we believe we are truly on the right track offering you this full array of Jungle services.

"VALUE ADDED" IS JUST THE WAY WE DO THINGS: It's nearly impossible to find another driving school where such intuitive instructor, parental, and student connections exist. Students often come back to visit Ra Ra with their newly acquired drivers license or car. Parents may contact us if they feel their teens have drifted away from Jungle techniques.

If a student is involved in an accident, Jungle wants to know about it. We will investigate the cause(s) of the accident with both the parents and the teen to determine what mistakes were made. To ensure the same mistake never happens again, we will then perform follow up rides with the family and the teen to make sure the teen understands what they need to correct - free of charge.

Parents are also a vital part to Jungle's system. Head over to Parent Involvement.

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