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Why Choose Jungle?

​It's simple - we train both parents and teens so our students are better able to survive while driving in the asphalt jungle. We have a very unique and effective training experience that, simply stated, saves lives!


Our comprehensive Jungle Way Parent Training is a one of a kind approach to insuring the survival of our young drivers. Please take the time to review the valuable information it contains.


Please Note: If you are unable to print the Jungle Syllabus Notes (due to not having a printer, out of ink, etc.) we are willing to print it for a one time fee of $10.

baby tiger
baby tiger


Randy's New Book!
Randy's New Book!

Check out Randy's new book The Jungle Way today!

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baby tiger

Tops In GR!

In a Grand Rapids Press poll conducted over a 2 month period, Jungle Survival was selected by the readers of the Grand Rapids Press as the #1 driving school in Grand Rapids - just another one of the reasons why Jungle is different.

The Jungle Way

After years of collaborating, writing, and certainly driving, Randy Rand has published his book on the asphalt jungle! Read hilarious stories, important Jungle tips, and more, with beautiful pictures and a lifetime of knowledge.

Need A Calendar?

Jungle's entire schedule is located here on our website. From Segment 1 to Segment 2, and from Parent Training to Skid School, our calendar can help you plan out your adventure with us. See what dates work for you!

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Segment 2

Jungle now offers Segment 2 classes every week of the year in Ada. That's 52 times to learn parallel parking, prepare for the upcoming test, and become a better driver! For more information head to our Segments 1 and 2 page.