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​It's simple - by training both parents and teens. Jungle drivers are better able to survive while driving in the asphalt jungle. Jungle is a very unique and effective training experience-simply stated - SAVES LIVES!


Our comprehensive Jungle Way Parent Training is a one of a kind approach to insuring the survival of our young drivers. Please review our website and learn more about Jungle. 


Please Note: If you are not able to print the Jungle Syllabus Notes,

(due to no Printer or Out of Ink, etc) we would be willing to Print them for your student at a one time fee of $10.00. 








****Unfortunately we do not have a wait list for any of our classes. 








We here at JSDT DO NOT conduct the road test. 

Please call to set up an appointment:

Lowell Road Test-616-987-2535

Fleet Compliance-616-532-1444

Rockford Public Schools-616-866-7570

Zeeland Driving Test-616-283-8935



We're Hiring Drivers Training Instructor

The training for this session is conducted at Century Driving.

For those looking to get involved in teaching driver education, Their program maximizes candidates’ time and equips them to be outstanding both in the classroom and behind-the-wheel so that at the completion of practicum, each candidate is prepared to begin an exciting and rewarding career in the training new drivers

They offer all the necessary components to be fully certified by the state of Michigan to teach driver’s education to both teens and adults. The program consists of four phases. The first three phases are classroom while the final phase is a practicum to give you experience in the classroom and behind-the-wheel.

They are planning on offering the IP course on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm beginning mid-January and ending mid-March. Please know that with the impact of Covid-19, some changes may need to be made. Additionally, a 45 hour practicum is required following completion of the class portion of the course. Classes will meet in our Hudsonville office which is located at 5645 Balsam Dr.

If you would to start an exciting employment opportunity in this field, please contact Jungle so we can get you set up!!

JSDT will pay 50% of the Drivers Education Certificate class, a 2 year employment contract will have to be signed before payment of this class.

A typical schedule includes after school & evenings during the school year. Daytime hours are available for the summer sessions.

Candidates must have a safe driving record and pass a background check and drug screen.

* Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time positions available!! 

Tops in GR!

In a Grand Rapids Press poll conducted over a two-month period, Jungle Survival Drivers Training was selected by the readers of the Grand Rapids Press as the # 1 Driving School in Grand Rapids - just one of the reasons why Jungle's different.

The Jungle Way

After years of collaborating, writing, and certainly driving, Randy Rand has published his book on the asphalt jungle! Read hilarious stories, important Jungle tips, and more, with beautiful pictures and a lifetime's worth of knowledge.


We are so Sorry to say that at this time we no longer

offer Skid School. Please stay tuned for any updates!

Need a Calendar?

Jungle's entire schedule is located here on our website. From Segment 1 to Segment 2, and from Parent Training to Skid School, our calendar can help you plan out your adventure with us. See what dates work for you!

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Segment 2

Jungle now offers Segment 2 classes every week of the year in Ada. That's 52 times to learn parallel parking, prepare for the upcoming test, and become a better driver! For more information, head to our Segment 1 and 2 Page under What.

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We Have relocated our Wyoming location to 2575 28th St SW Wyoming, MI

We are about 1/4 mile west of Byron Center Road on the North side of 28th St. Next door to Henderson Glass.

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